• YRaj

Finding Your Purpose

Updated: a day ago

Follow your passion, do what you love, what are you good at?...and so on. So many advices on finding your purpose, let's simplify and clarify.

Finding your purpose is life defining. It makes it easy to plan a path forward. With this clarity, more of your actions can be made relevant. But how do you find this answer that eludes so many for almost the first 3 years of college? or even half of their lives?

Some people find their purpose from a young age just because they have had an insatiable and consistent hunger for more information or skill about something. However, there are 900 million people in 142 countries who are unfulfilled with what they do in life [Gallup]. In the U.S. alone. What's sad is that Millennials are the most unfulfilled and care least about what they do at work.

Finding your purpose is almost a new age necessity. Baby boomers never cared so much about purpose like the generations that came after them. They had no clue about working from a remote location in pajamas as in writing a blog, or other jobs that afford this convenience. That would be Utopia to them. Still in an age of more choices, more freedom, more tools, it is now harder to decide what to pursue for a career. Of course, the choice is partly more difficult because there are more layers of satisfaction to meet. Millennials expect more from life on a day to day level, they are more concerned with balance. They are of course privileged to be able to place that much importance on the finer aspects of life fulfillment.

They are also a generation with less ability to cope with cost of living through a normal wage.

More to come.