• YRaj

Our new direction

We want more than hopes, we want achievements for us and you...in this life.

This is not our first blog post but we have decided to pull the trigger and revamp our blog site. Coming from a photography background of capturing touching and joyful portraits of brides, quinceneras, professionals, pets, birds, animals and nature, we have decided to put it all together with our need to bring speed (in our accomplishments), to the lives of many including ourselves, by providing a venue that will serve to this end.

In 2019, together with you and others, we are embarking on following the principles and lifestyles we feel will bring true success to us, the kind of success that releases a certain kind of peace AND excitement, and SHARING that formula. Based upon studying various successful individuals from a broad range of personalities and visions for success, we have formulated the fundamentals for success. in 2019, we are putting it to the test. Join us on this exciting journey, not for us alone, but for you and others whom we can help.

“Success is a balance. Everyone's balance is calibrated differently and changes as we age”

We are eager to have your reactions and comments as they are an integral part of this journey. Your feedback is necessary for us to refine the advice we are offering. Along the way, we will feature various "silent heroes" in our community, the kind of folks that we don't normally identify as heroes. Our definition of a hero is anyone whose support has resulted in the elevation of one or more persons. If you know of someone who selflessly affords this type of support, please let us know so that we can arrange to possibly feature this person.

There are many posts on our Instagram which you may find helpful for whatever challenges you are dealing with at this time. All of our posts to date have been borne from dealing with our own struggles and challenges.

At the foundation of our formula is the simplicity of our approach for success. We have narrowed it down to this:

“Mat socho bas karo"

Don't think, just do”

............follow us and this will become more clear.