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When you lose your way

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In the process of diligently pursuing dreams and goals, following carefully laid out plans, we occasionally lose our momentum, our rate of progress, or even our way. Sometimes this is due to tragedies, unforeseen problems, emotional dilemmas, health issues, or just an unexpected hurdle of some kind.

This is not unusual for successful people along the path of success. As a matter of fact, this happens to everyone at some time in their lives, several times. This is a test of your endurance and resilience.

This is not about failing. This is about being on a successful course but losing momentum due to interruption in routines due to unforeseen disastrous or tragic events occurring during our progress that knock us off our motivational drive.

When this happens and the interruption is prolonged, it becomes difficult to get back in the saddle. This is when you go back to square one. Do you remember when you couldn’t start before but yet you did and then progressed considerably to the point where you admired your determination and lifestyle.

So we go back to ground zero. Remember how hard it was to just start but once you started, you kept going? So at this stage, our one and only challenge is to just START.

For this I will revert to my post on May 19, 2018, “How To Start”

This is the post:

The hardest part is to start. You’re depressed, you have no energy, no motivation. You just can’t start.

This is how you start. STOP Thinking. Shut off the brain, shut down your thoughts, just move…and start. Trust me, I have been there many times. The enemy is your brain. Once you start, you’ll figure it out.

Mat socho bas karo (Hindi) – Don’t think just do.

Once again I am putting this into action. This morning I awoke again and as usual of late, I thought to myself that "I could do the workout this afternoon instead of this morning". There it was, I thought to myself, the thinking! I stopped instantly and moved, I got out of bed and kept going. The next thing I knew, I was in my garage ready to do my first set of squats. Again that pathetic voice of reason disguised as a voice of caution, tried to start, “this is going to be hard…” I shut it down, deloaded my weights because I had missed over 3 weeks of weightlifting, and proceeded.

If you were on an exercise program, as I was, here's an article about how this affects your strength. Science agrees. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise published a review of several studies on the subject that looked at runners, rowers, and power athletes. For all of these groups, muscular strength fibers appear not to change, even after a month of inactivity"

"For most people, strength loss occurs after about two and a half to three weeks of inactivity, says Molly Galbraith, a certified strength and conditioning specialist and co-founder of Girls Gone Strong. ""


The important thing here is to get started again. I have been here before. I know this works because it has worked. I knew I had started and then it would be now a matter of building momentum.


Forget about everything else, give yourself only one choice, to do it! There is no other choice. Just do! Humans have choices, animals don't, they are wired to just do whatever they must do for their survival. We tend to think too much! Don't think just do! Mat socho bas karo!

It works!

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