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I have been looking at a lot of Viking shows lately. The Last Kingdom is my favourite but I have to wait until they post season 4, which they just completed filming at the end of last year. After I studiously looked at the TLK( The Last Kingdom) in a loop while I waited for a new season, I decided to give The Vikings a try. I got hooked in the sheer misery and despair. The Vikings, a darker version of TLK, without the warm romance, the playful humor and a realistic storyline actually loosely based upon a real hero of the times, was reminiscent of GOT. It had the same mortality and vulnerability of the heroes, no one safe from a sudden storyline twist that ended your favorite character abruptly and cruelly, sometimes leaving you disgusted and exhausted but yet returning for more binging, bringing with it more pain.

I remember the daring sea adventures the Vikings set sail for, the trepidation and fear of the unknown, the perils of unpredictable weather at sea on the primitive ships of the era. Their resolve to embark despite the overwhelming odds against success due to scarce experiences of others to use as inspiration and guidance was remarkable. Yet as a result of the risks, they were rewarded handsomely with the exploits of new discoveries in the form of glory, booty and increased confidence. Surely they spent time planning for their journey, stocking up rations and preparing the ships for the hazardous expanse of water that stretched beyond their eyes, but yet they knew the journey would be dangerous. However these things did not prevent them from embarking on their quest.

In life, it is similar. We are never guaranteed a favorable outcome, all we have is the chance of success, only possible by venturing forward. If the Vikings had decided to ponder too long about their chances of success, most of their journeys would have not been undertaken.

You are guaranteed failure by not attempting. Although failure is possible, on the other side of that possibility lies amazing. Will Smith likes to say, "on the other side of fear is amazing". He once bungeed from a helicopter into the Grand Canyon. Was he crazy? Yes, to some extent. Did he assess the situation, educating himself, surrounding himself with experts before he attempted this? Yes!

If you want to live a life of little regrets, fulfilling your potential and achieving things big and small, you must quit overthinking and just do. #matsochobaskaro (mat socho bas karo is sanskrit - "Don't think, just do")

On my arm is a tattoo, "Faith over Fear". Many people think this is about believing in God. It's not. It's about having faith that although things can go wrong, if you take the necessary precautions, prepare yourself, you'll be fine almost all the time. I got that tattoo at a low point in my life, when I started kayaking, relatively inexperienced, but with a love of the water with a bit of fear. How can you live in Florida and not worry about gators when in the water? That's when I employed "faith over fear". I practiced kayaking to where I was fairly confident in my ability to navigate and control my kayak in various conditions. I researched extensively about the habits of gators and spoke to other kayakers who regularly kayaked in gator infested waters. I decided I knew enough to not live in fear of all the horrible images of me capsizing in the water and being taken down in the depths of the cold black water in the jaws of a gator. This was all in my mind. You must prepare, train, educate and inform yourself and then go and do it. At that point, you have faith in yourself. I even carried a knife with me, for I knew that a gator will give up readily if its victim fights back.

The result of challenging a fear, will be an exhilarating realization that you're living, you're embracing life instead of living in fear. Don't do stupid impulsive things without assessing it first, but don't let your analysis get you afflicted with an ailment known as analysis paralysis. Here's a photo from that first trip out on a vast freshwater lake. I must admit that I was scared and my first voyage was short but later I spent many lovely mornings and evenings on that lake.

The first voyage. The sign didn't help.

After I developed more confidence and was able to capture a lovely sunset.

Then one time, I even dared to launch my drone and hand catch it from the kayak!

Stop thinking too much. Live! Now!

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Everyone has drive in them just not the sustainable type which propels you to completing or attempting tasks like a boss. Do you remember when you had to figure out the secret moves to a video game like Assassin Creed or Grand Theft Auto? How you relentlessly searched online or practiced for hours to accomplish the moves? You were driven. The challenge is harnessing the same type of focused energy for your necessary tasks, not just the enjoyable ones. There is a way.

I discovered that the completion of tasks involves a certain mindset, after observing various individuals both productive and non productive persons. It was not about opportune conditions, it was about performing with a simple mindset of “just doing what is necessary”. This is not so easy though. We have heard countless advice on “do what is necessary so that you can do what you want to do”, but how do you do what is necessary, day in and day out?

You have to develop the mindset that doesn’t allow you to leave a task incomplete. You have to develop the self esteem of a doer, of a killer of To Do lists. The good news is that it is easier than you think.

Here’s what has happened to us over the years. We have slowly adjusted to a standard that we have accepted as normal. We have resigned to this level of performance because we have adopted this standard as our standard. The goal is to change this. You must believe that you can perform at a higher standard. To believe this you have to convince yourself. The way to convince yourself is by doing! Now we are back to the problem of doing! How is this helping?

The way to DO, build your self esteem, making you a believer in you, so that you establish a higher standard is by using a Daily List. However, in starting this exercise, your first Daily List must involve a number of tasks, or even just one, that you are 100% confident that you will complete that day. For the first week, it is imperative that you complete all the tasks on your list more than the nature or importance of the tasks completed. By that I mean, that it doesn’t matter if these tasks are not going to exercise any serious impact in your life or responsibilities. What matters is that you will check off that task or those tasks at the end of each day. The goal here is to build empowerment, to build your self esteem, to make you a believer in you!


1st week – Make a daily list every day at the end of the day for the next day. Make sure that the tasks are easy enough that you will definitely be able to complete them. You'll find yourself waking up with purpose.

2nd week – Now you will embark on meaningful tasks. You must be very specific. Writing “go to the gym” is not good enough. It must be measureable or detailed. It would therefore be better to write, “20 pushups” or “50lbs – 3 sets of curls”. KEEP THE DAILY TASK LIST SHORT STILL. You are not a warrior yet. You will end up in Valhalla (if you follow the viking shows)too early if you make the lists long.

3rd week – Now our lists are a little longer and we are grinding. Still, do not make lists that are too long. It is helpful to schedule the tasks so as to get a clear idea of the limits of how much you can complete. I myself was constantly guilty of putting too much tasks on my lists. Naturally, I wouldn’t complete it and lose the opportunity of feeling the thrill of achievement. This in turn does the opposite, it strengthens the notion that I am not an achiever or my confidence is diminished. It is common for people to underestimate the effort or time needed for a task, don't fall into this trap.


Week 2 and onwards only – if a task is not completed, give it a strike and put it on the next day’s list. When you reach three strikes, you MUST complete that task. Do not reassess whether it makes sense or not. Get it done!

Learn to say NO! This will be necessary to complete your tasks. Remember this is about you. You are in training. Michael Jordan does not stop his training to be distracted by TV shows or friends hanging out.

You have to be obsessed with your list. It is a prized part of your life. This is going to define you. You are about to be transformed. This list is your tool to the next level.

DO NOT OVERSTACK YOUR DAILY TO DO LIST. I cannot emphasize this enough. It is better to complete fewer tasks properly than to race through tasks that you will inevitably have to revisit later and thereby sabotaging another day’s to do list.

Some facts:

Intelligence does not guarantee success.

Opportunity does not guarantee success.

Hard work does not guarantee success but most successful people were hard workers.

What does? Boldness. Many of the most mediocre people are successes, simply because they tried and tried and kept going. They were too dumb to understand or consider the possibility of failing. Remember life is about probability. If you try hard enough, you tip the scales in your favor of inevitably succeeding eventually. Sometimes you just have to start, even fail, and fail again but learning all the time.

The research

Of 35 business leaders interviewed about success, time management was key to all.

The one thing successful people do every day – They document their wins. This builds confidence. This allows to you to raise standards that you are confident in maintaining.

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In the process of diligently pursuing dreams and goals, following carefully laid out plans, we occasionally lose our momentum, our rate of progress, or even our way. Sometimes this is due to tragedies, unforeseen problems, emotional dilemmas, health issues, or just an unexpected hurdle of some kind.

This is not unusual for successful people along the path of success. As a matter of fact, this happens to everyone at some time in their lives, several times. This is a test of your endurance and resilience.

This is not about failing. This is about being on a successful course but losing momentum due to interruption in routines due to unforeseen disastrous or tragic events occurring during our progress that knock us off our motivational drive.

When this happens and the interruption is prolonged, it becomes difficult to get back in the saddle. This is when you go back to square one. Do you remember when you couldn’t start before but yet you did and then progressed considerably to the point where you admired your determination and lifestyle.

So we go back to ground zero. Remember how hard it was to just start but once you started, you kept going? So at this stage, our one and only challenge is to just START.

For this I will revert to my post on May 19, 2018, “How To Start”

This is the post:

The hardest part is to start. You’re depressed, you have no energy, no motivation. You just can’t start.

This is how you start. STOP Thinking. Shut off the brain, shut down your thoughts, just move…and start. Trust me, I have been there many times. The enemy is your brain. Once you start, you’ll figure it out.

Mat socho bas karo (Hindi) – Don’t think just do.

Once again I am putting this into action. This morning I awoke again and as usual of late, I thought to myself that "I could do the workout this afternoon instead of this morning". There it was, I thought to myself, the thinking! I stopped instantly and moved, I got out of bed and kept going. The next thing I knew, I was in my garage ready to do my first set of squats. Again that pathetic voice of reason disguised as a voice of caution, tried to start, “this is going to be hard…” I shut it down, deloaded my weights because I had missed over 3 weeks of weightlifting, and proceeded.

If you were on an exercise program, as I was, here's an article about how this affects your strength. Science agrees. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise published a review of several studies on the subject that looked at runners, rowers, and power athletes. For all of these groups, muscular strength fibers appear not to change, even after a month of inactivity"

"For most people, strength loss occurs after about two and a half to three weeks of inactivity, says Molly Galbraith, a certified strength and conditioning specialist and co-founder of Girls Gone Strong. ""

The important thing here is to get started again. I have been here before. I know this works because it has worked. I knew I had started and then it would be now a matter of building momentum.


Forget about everything else, give yourself only one choice, to do it! There is no other choice. Just do! Humans have choices, animals don't, they are wired to just do whatever they must do for their survival. We tend to think too much! Don't think just do! Mat socho bas karo!

It works!

#matsochobaskaro #dontthinkjustdo

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